Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brandon's 2nd Birthday Weekend

Brandon celebrated his second birthday this past weekend - and it was a multiple day event! Brad's half of the family flew in (we will be visiting mine in a few weeks) and proceeded to spoil the birthday boy rotten. He loved every minute of it. Brad and I didn't mind the babysitters either.

We kicked things off with a trip to Victoria Gardens in Central Park. It's a small amusement park that's great for the younger kiddos. During the winter it's an ice skating rink (you've probably seen it in movies, and it's much larger than Rockefeller). I thought Brandon might be a little scared to go on rides for the first time, but he was all over it. He wanted to go non-stop, not paying any mind to the ridiculous heat. He was a champ all the way. After a nice long nap, we went to Benihana for dinner. Definitely not on my recommendation list if you are visiting NYC, but it was a blast for Brandon. Him and Rylan were perfectly behaved (Brandon eating nearly 2 bowls of mushroom soup) for the whole 90 minute dinner - miracles never cease. Too bad they cut him out of his own birthday photo! Another highlight of the day was the mini-cupcakes Aunt Jennifer sent from Baked by Melissa. They ship, are super yummy, and perfectly kid sized. Big hit.

Day 2 of festivities included a trip to the Children's Museum of Manhattan. Pretty much a bunch of manic kids running around an indoor play space, slamming and kicking "educational" exhibits. These people are minting it. On a hot day, this is the perfect escape from the heat. After another much needed nap, we headed to dinner at Rosa Mexicano, also the site of Brandon's first birthday party. This is by far his favorite restaurant. He loves the guacamole and chips and was pretty content to spend the whole dinner eating away and sticking stickers all over Nana's face. We had a very special Momofuku Milk Bar birthday cake (you must go, and you must get the cake balls - they'll probably change your life), but I think the candle and fire freaked Brandon out, so that celebration didn't last very long.


Before everyone headed out on Sunday, we went to church and Telepan for brunch. I think the kids had reached their breaking point, and didn't exactly make the meal a relaxing one for the four adults involved. Brandon loves to be surrounded by people, and having four extra playmates was definitely his idea of the ideal birthday weekend. Thank goodness he has a load of new toys to keep him occupied in the meantime! 

Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful boy!!

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